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Our Services


  • Free, no-obligation consultation.
  • Site survey
  • Initial consultation
  • Exact measurements taken
  • Skilled Designers
  • Computer aided design software



  • Design brief
  • Product design
  • Appliance installation
  • Plumbing and electrics
  • Painted exteriors
  • Room alteration


  • Exact measurements taken
  • Computer aided design software
  • Plan the Layout
  • Preparation
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Worktops Installation

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We got the Talent

Our team of skilled and dedicated experts guarantee only the highest standard in installing your kitchen and providing you with the best customer service.

Certified Experience

Our dedicated team offers a free consultation to help you create your dream kitchen and will ensure that all work is carried out to your specific requirements

Customer service

At Kitchen Studio SW19 we offer the best customer service and the highest standard of craftsmanship at a competitive price!

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